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IMA Investors Important Awareness Message by Muslim Blogger

***IMA Investors Important Awareness Message***

Hi all .  See It’s really sad 😔 and painful 😖 to see IMA investors losing their hard-earned money and now poor uneducated investors getting fooled and travel from different cities and states running from pillar to post and asking money from third parties.

Felt very sad to see poor people have to come to Bangalore from their cities and states to claim their money from a lawyer's office. (Fact is that no Lawyer called investors to come and take money 💴 from his office, nor he asked for any contribution)

This is because few people are misguiding them for their personal and monetary gains. As most of the investors are poor and uneducated, they don’t know to read and write and get easily fooled and cheated. Hence these Online fraudsters director target 🎯 these innocent investors... As they are easy targets ...

Every day, we are seeing a lot of confusion created by a few people for their personal monetary gains.
This is not to blame anyone but this is to share some important points so that it will help the IMA Victims (esp women, poor investors, and elderly people) to not get duped from these non-investors' pranks and frauds.

Information to IMA investors .

1) DONT GIVE ANY ORIGINAL Documents:  Few non-IMA online fraudsters will call you and tell you to meet or give original documents and pay some commission to help you to get your money within a week etc ...  Please don’t give any documents and don’t give any money.

2) CLAIM FORM: Few of them are circulating fake forms and telling it to be a claim form etc, please don’t give any money for the claim form.

A claim form is free, it’s issued by the government of Karnataka or govt of India, you will get the news on News channel, newspapers, etc. Please don’t believe anyone from apart from authentic authorities.

3) Money for Association: In the name of Association(s), investors are sometimes asked to contribute money in cash, Paytm, DD, Google pay, bank transfer etc. Please don’t give a single rupee to anyone. As the government or competent authority doesn’t ask any money from anyone. (Also I do clarify that I had Taken  Rs16,770/- for the same which is already been communicated to seek refund because the same information is being misused to malign my Reputation)

4) Hunger/ peaceful protest: If anyone tells you to come for any peaceful protest, please ask them to show the permission letter issued by the police department. If they fail to show the legal documents then there is a good chance that it is fake news.

5) Complaint to nearest police Station: If you are an Investor you can make a complaint to your nearest police station, you need not visit Bangalore. Very few FIR complaints have been filed as compared to other Ponzi schemes such as Heera Gold Fraud (Hyderabad, Telangana). Outstation victims can make an online complaint to Karnataka police and get in touch with SIT department. They can also WhatsApp or call directly to  ( 84312 75375). It’s recommended to take police help and file FIR in your city so that your grievance is addressed accordingly and legally. It will also be difficult to get bail for the IMA SCAM fraudsters. Eg U.P, Maharashtra investors can file an FIR in their own states.

6) Always consult a lawyer: Instead of depending and believing rumours or fake news circulated on social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. It’s highly recommended to see a legal advisor, ie a senior lawyer, advocate, law firm, etc. in your city and seek their advice. And if the lawyer tells you to file a PIL then get in touch with other investors and file a PIL in your city, state on your own.

7) News channels: Follow news on news channels, newspaper etc as they provide you authentic and accurate news but at the same time do compare some reliable YouTubers who are exposing Few News Media Channel who Took Money from IMA Mansoor Khan

**Please read and forward to all the IMA victims. So that the message reaches everybody. If you are a real investor then you would understand the pain and agony of a fellow investor .*

**Kindly forward to all so that there shouldn’t be a one more sub scam in the name of IMA scam and poor investors shouldn’t be cheated again... 😣*

Farhan Rasheed
Muslim Blogger
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