Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Indian Muslims to celebrate Ramadan EID Tomorrow moon sighted 5th June 2019

Occasion of “Eid-ul-Fitar” Eid Mubarak to all of you. In a secular country of India, Muslims will be celebrating “Eid-ul-Fitar” with integrity and cheerful way. Fasting during Ramadan month indicates the real essence of unity, integrity and brotherhood feeling.

After sunset, everyone will be waiting for the first sight of crescent moon. If the moon is not seen then it is celebrated the following day, hence EID is celebrated for one, two or three days. During this whole day specific prayer is performed. The EID prayer is followed by sermon.

Wearing new clothes all will seek for Allah’s forgiveness, mercy, peace and blessings for all living beings. Some rituals of EID - which is called Zakat which means giving charity to the poor. Generally, a wealthy Muslim family is expected to give Zakat wealth to the poor class of the society.

In EID people visit their relatives, friends and families place. It is also celebrated in large Religious way at different places. EID gifts known as Eidi. It is given like as token of love by elders to younger one’s in the family. 

During “Eid-ul-Fitar” mouthwatering dishes are prepared and distributed among friends and family as a token of love. Some of the special dishes are
Nawabi / Hyderabadi Mutton Biriyani (is a delightful rice recipe made with mutton).
Baida Roti is a layered paratha with the coating of eggs. Spices are added to give a nice taste.

Sheer Korma is the traditional breakfast of this festival. Sheer means sweetened milk and korma means dried dates. This dish is very popular and served at morning time in the family.

Some more dishes like Badam Phirni, Seviyan, Mutton korma, Sufi Malpu etc.  Apart from that many other dishes are also served to near and dear one’s. In this way Muslim people celebrate EID which brings happiness and love among the family.

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