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Why I Monetary Advisory is not Paying to all IMA Gold Investors?

Bengaluru: A big question is doing rounds about IMA Gold, Why only less than 10% are claiming that they have received the profits and withdrawals, Why is it that not all IMA Gold Investors claiming that they received their money into their respective bank account. 

When the majority of the IMA Gold Investors demand an answer to these questions above, there comes a Facebook post claiming the profits and withdrawals will be transferred on or before 25th May 2019 followed by WhatsApp messages and SMS claiming delay is due to elections. No doubt sometimes hurdles come but this was the fourth time they have postponed the date of transferring money to the respective Investors. First, it was 1st May 2019, then it was 10th May 2019 and went on for another date 15th May 2019 and now this new date 25th May 2019. 

Upon witnessing the symptoms of Ponzi Like company, few IMA Investors went to Head Office to inquire and know the reason behind the delays on Friday the 17th May 2019. The Group of Investors who went to get clarification and get a final commitment about the date and when the company is going to make the payment they got a response which was not very convincing. It is heard to be like 50% chances of getting the profits as well as withdrawals transferred to the respective investor's bank account on the given deadline of 25th May 2019.

Meanwhile when the majority of the IMA Gold Investors claim not to receive their payouts, Few in WhatsApp groups are spreading rumors that they have received payments. Let's assume it not be rumors but my question to Mr.Mansoor Khan is why only less than 10% getting the payouts not all IMA Investors. Let's agree you said by 25th May 2019 you will transfer all payouts, Here my question to you lets forget all why not even 50% of the IMA Investors not yet received the Payouts. 

If you deeply analyze the symptoms of IMA Gold today, Comparing Heera Gold, Injaz International, Ajmera, Aala Ventures, Ambidant Marketing, Muzariba, Baraka etc...all companies had similar symptoms when they got shut down. Don't you all still realize that IMA Gold is another Ponzi Company?

A Stange thing is being noticed in the WhatsApp Groups, Here is my observation below:

  • In a Heera Gold WhatsApp Group, Mr.XYZ is Completely against Ponzi Companies and the same person is Positive about a Ponzi Company in IMA Gold WhatsApp Group. He sends a private message, Why do I interfere in IMA Gold. If IMA is Ponzi let it be, Even he knows its a Ponzi Company but he has invested money so he will keep quiet till he is getting money. 
  • In another group Injaz WhatsApp Group, Mr.ABC has a similar thought like that of Mr.XYZ. He also rings me up over phone and claims that he is well aware of IMA being Ponzi but let me not expose it now. He requests me to stop exposing until he receives his Withdrawal. He claims that he knows IMA is Ponzi and he is a smart guy without creating awareness to all others wants to withdraw his money and be safe. 

I am not taking their names in public because I understand their personal money is at risk but my dear brothers, Why don't you think about the whole community, Especially the new IMA Gold Investors who will be trapped to clear the payouts due to you the existing IMA Gold Investors. Don't you think we should not encourage new investors when you know even IMA is also a Ponzi Company? Just for your own greed that you will get your full money back if you encourage New Investors to I Monetary Advisory you will sell your Iman.

An appeal to all the IMA Gold Investors, I have nothing personal against you but please understand one thing. Your Money is already at risk with IMA but can't we all stop the new Investors putting their money at risk. Can't we all think about the entire community rather thinking about ourselves? This is Ramadan Month, let's keep trust in Allah. All your hard earned money Allah will somehow help you to get it back but don't try to safeguard your Invested money at the cost of new Investors.

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  1. Mr.Mansoor khan CEO Of IMA , Is giving profit and withdrawal amount of only those people who are close to him or who are influential example people who are relatives of ministers or police officials etc, he is not paying ordinary investor because he knows they can't do anything to him .Mr.Mansoor khan please fear allah, don't do like this in this holy month of ramzan ,


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