Monday, 20 May 2019

Why do Ponzi Agents Criticize the Fighters of India Against Ponz?

As-salamu alaykum,
Bengaluru: The year 2018 and so far the Year 2019 is going through very tough time for all our Muslim Brothers and sisters. Like Narendra Modi brought Demonitisation and Gabbar Sing Tax to spoil the Indian Citizens economy. Fake Alima Doctors Like Ponzira Shaik of Heera Group, Ponzoor Khan of IMA Group, Syed Ponzreed of Ambidant Marketing, Ponzuddin Sajahuddin of Injaz International etc to name few have done Ponzitisation and Haramitisation to the community of Muslim Economy.

(Ponzreed,Ponzuddin Sajahuddin, Ponzuil & Ponzira Shaik on top)

At first, Heera Group company lured our community to the tune of Rs.50,000/- Crore, Then came Ambidant Marketing which lured our brothers & Sisters to the tune of 1000/- Crores, Followed by Injaz to the tune of Rs. 3000/- Crores and now ongoing scam of IMA (I Monetary Advisory) which is said to be about Rs.5000/- Plus Crores. In total all these Ponzi Companies have Ponzitised the Muslim Economy.

Well how did all these Chief Ponzi Officers managed to inject the virus of Ponzirious into the Muslim Brain is explained in few points below:

All these Ponzirians had the same similarities so I'm going to list all the common Ponzi Points:

  • They Appointed betweet 25 - 500 Ponzialtors (Ponzi Agents) and trained them well on how to missuse Islamic sentiments and also the Islamic terms like "Halal Investment, Subhan Allah, Insha Allah, Allah Ke Bharose, etc..
  • They Thought these Ponzialtors on how to put false allegations and create controversy whenever someone tries to bring the truth about these companies. 
  • They Trained them on using the worst to worst Obusing languages to be speaken when they comeacross Ponzi Fighters fearing which the fighters will either stop exposing or slowdown.
  • They are hypnotised in such a way that they are the pet dogs of Chief Ponzi Officers.
  • They are well trained to mainly target Housewives & Less Educated Muslims.
  • Most Importantly they are paid to critisize the fighters of India Against Ponzi.
Hope, I'm able to list most of the points here but there are lot many such points but the above listed ones are important. If you guys have any such points in your mind you noticed please do update me via comments. 

"JazakAllahhu Khairan Kaseeran Kateeran Fiddunya Wal Akhira."
Farhan Rasheed, Muslim Blogger - Bengaluru

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