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Why am I behind IMA (I Monetary Advisory) ?

As-salamu alaykum,
Bengaluru: IMA stands for I Monetary Advisory an Islamic Business Investment entity founded by Mr.Mansoor Khan. The Company IMA, Claims to do Halal Business. It says the Muslim Investors money is a Halal Investment. The CEO of the Company claims that his Business is not involved in any kind of RIBA Business (Interest Business). He also claims that his company is functional for the last 13 yrs.

Let me analyze, All the Claims of IMA & Mr.Mansoor Khan :

  • He claims that his company IMA (I Monetary Advisory) is operational since last 13 yrs but when I checked and verified his claim, I was shocked to know that this company is not older than 5 plus years.
  • Now, Let me talk about his claim on IMA is not doing Interest Business (RIBA). Let me confess, I'm not the right person to comment on if IMA is Doing an Interest-based Business or not. So I leave it to Islamic Finance Scholars to debate on and comment. 
  • Mr.Mansoor says, IMA is doing Halal Business and Says Muslims investment in this company is Halal Investment.
  • Common Mr.Mansoor, Fear Allah! You are running a Ponzi Scheme and claiming that you are running a Halal Investment Company. Answer yourself Mr.Mansoor, Are you not taking Investment from one New Muslim Investor and from that money You are paying profits to the Old Muslim Investors
  •  You Say that you are not running Ponzi Company, Then why are you not releasing the Balance sheet of the company in Public as per the rules and regulations of Company Act.
  •  When I through my blog claim that your company IMA is doing Ponzi Business in the name of Halal Investment why don't you take legal action on me. Why are you discouraging Muslim Investors from Withdrawing Principle when you are genuine. Why are you trying to get new Investors, when you are unable to fulfill your promises to the existing Investors on time.
  • In WhatsApp Group few of the IMA Investors are claiming that, I'm blackmailing you for money. 
Mr.Mansoor if you are a true Muslim, Can you tell in public and tell your people that not even a single call or any communication has come to you from me so far. Can You Mr.Mansoor, Open up the truth that I'm not a Blackmailer or do you want to play the Victim card to safeguard yourself putting false allegations on me.

All who are reading my blogs are smart enough to understand. Better save your hard earned money. Think before you invest your hard earned money. it's not too late, better withdraw your principal and stay safe.
My Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, 

Please understand that I'm not Blackmailing any Ponzi Companies. Save this blog screenshot for your reference. I am not trying to make money exposing these Ponzi Companies. My aim is very simple to stop all these Ponzi Schemes and helps save our communities hard earned money.

"JazakAllahhu Khairan Kaseeran Kateeran Fiddunya Wal Akhira."

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One Anonymous IMA Investor says " Assalamu alaikum varahamatullahi vabarakatuhu, u r the only person who said it right, not 13 yrs, (perfectly correct), in July 2013,the ima ID number was, IMACL0115, OR IMACL0140, some thing, and more over til number 100 ID, R bogus, it was only to motivate the investors, so till today how many years bai, if this July comes only 6 yrs bai, then how come this pagals r telling, that past from 10 yrs, when ever I listen to those audios, R read the 13 yrs messages I use to laugh on my own, Bai one more thing in July 2013, there was no (jewels showroom), and one Mulla type employee of IMA, in the video telling that IMA aap  ki 13, saal  se kidmath mein anjaam de raha hai, that Mulla type guy though being a staff of IMA, he himself is not aware of the IMA, commencing date, what ever he was asked to say, he repeated it as follows."

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