Monday, 13 May 2019

The Problem of Muslim Housing in Inda

Bengaluru: I know that I'm Muslim as most of my Hindu Brothers don't let me forget. When House Hunting in Metro Cities turns into Nightmare. Moving into new House on rent can be daunting. From picking a safe Muslim Friendly neighborhood with a reputed school. 

I can recall an incident way back in the year 2014, I had got my Daughters School Admission in Bannerghatta Road and because which had to change my accommodation. When I started searching for a House on Rent for my Family to accommodate. I faced a lot of discrimination, Almost every call I made in search of House on Rent. I got an insulting answer that is " We don't allow Muslim Tenants" after some 7 days of hunt finally should thank my Hindu Brother " Mr.Nagaraj Gowda" who said he respects Muslim and his house is on rent is Muslim Friendly. His only condition was not to eat Beef, which I completely understand his sentiments and agreed and did followed and kept my promise not to eat Beef.
This type of problem was not only faced by me, almost every Muslim Brother in our country is facing the same issue.  Every Muslim in India needs to go with the tedious process of hunting close to 100 houses for accommodation and then 1 in 100 House Owners do agree to rent there house for rent to Muslim. All these while, I was under impression that this problem exists only for we Muslims who are looking Accommodation on Rent. But to my surprise, Very recently I received a call from one of my close friend who runs his Real Estate Brokerage house in Brigade Road and deals in properties through out Bengaluru. My friend shockingly called me up and started talking about the problem his Muslim Client faced. He went on to say " His Client a Muslim had Booked a Flat through him in Banashankari and was very happy for his investment but his happiness didn't last for long. Soon after he booked the flat, say about 7 days he received a Call from the builder to my friend requesting him to manage his Muslim client to cancel the booking as other Home Buyers in that project are objecting and not Muslim Friendly" 

Just imagine the kind of insult a Muslim Brother is facing, He not only being discriminated when renting a house but also being discriminated when he is buying a house. The problem of housing for Muslim in India is not a small one, It's on a very high scale. 

Inshallah, Very soon the problem of Muslim Friendly Housing is going to solve very soon as me and couple of my friends have got together to launch a property portal similar to that of, etc.. which is dedicated to list details of Muslim Friendly Properties on Rent or for Sale  and the property portal to be named as "Muslim Housing" and the slogan goes as "India's First Muslim Friendly Real Estate Portal"

Hello everyone, If you are on Telegram please join my telegram group :

* The Word “Muslim Friendly” Doesn’t mean it's only for Muslims, What we mean here is Secular We help the Muslims find an Accommodation which has no restrictions on Selling/Renting a Property to Muslims. 

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