Thursday, 16 May 2019

Questions to IMA Gold CEO, From Heera Group Victims Association.

A message from Heera Group Fighters to IMA Investors

1⃣  If IMA took investments in an LLP, then have the investors secured an agreement?  Or is it just a receipt handed over to you? Do you have your agreement on a stamp paper?  Notarized?

If yes, then read the agreement carefully.  If you agree to lose, you can't claim in court.  If no, then we are headed for a Heera Group Part II Post Ponzi Burst scenario.

Again, LLP demands agreements between company and depositors (who are actually partners).  Do you have your agreement?

2⃣  Feb 2019 brought about ban on unregulated deposits. Banning of Unregulated Deposit Ordinance (Feb 2019 Act) prevents more of such deposits without proper documentation/agreements.

Is the IMA issue (delay in payment) because of this ban on unregulated deposits or is it really that elections have slowed down business (as they claim)? Regulated deposits would also mean proactive disclosure of accounts in public.  Are they doing it?  Do they have the authority from government bodies to collect deposits?

3⃣  Does IMA own all the properties it is running its businesses on?  Do they have a list of properties that they share with their shareholders/partners (LLP)?

Do these shareholders/partners have a share in these properties as well?

4⃣  The best of companies in India do not claim yearly gross profit of more than 30%.  IMA used to give you 36%.  What profit did IMA earn to give you a share of 36%?

5⃣  Has the CEO of IMA, Mansoor Khan, made himself personally available to clear off your doubts or has the tareekh pe tareekh thing started already?

We have highlighted the Heera Group scam well enough for people to understand.  If we start exposing IMA today, we will be blamed for the company's downfall.  You will still believe that IMA will return your money, but that belief is going to be destroyed even if we do nothing against IMA today.

You tell us what to do.  Give yourself a final date to decide the fate of IMA.

Questions from Y Syed:

Similarities between Heera Group & IMA

1.  Both CEO claimed to have started small.
2.  Both CEO stated, "Company Allah ke bharose chal rahi hai."
3.  Both never disclosed company/business data (profit/loss, balance sheets, etc)
4.  Both stopped payments and asked for more time.
5.  Both CEOs out of sight after payment stopped/delayed.
6.  Both have aalim, fazil, ulema support.
7.  Both take investments from Muslims only (correct me here).

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May Allah protect your hard-earned money.
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