Friday, 17 May 2019

Is Mr.Zameer Ahmed, A Congress Leader mastermind of all Ponzi Campanies.

Bengaluru: It's Ramadan time and we all are facing a big financial crisis, All because of our mistake that we Invested in companies blindly without verifying the facts.  We all were trapped in the name of Halal Investment, Irrespective of it's Heera Gold, Amabidant, Muzariba, Baraka, Classic Group, Aala Ventures or Even Injaz International and now the new story of IMA gold. 

When we notice and analyze all these fraud Ponzi companies almost all had the same similarities. The few points which highlight the similarities are listed below:

  1. Ambidant: When the truth of it being Ponzi was burst, Back to Back SMS, Videos, Facebook Posts started saying that the company is running in the name of Allah. Again misusing our faith on the religion. they played with our religious sentiments. If you notice Zameer Ahmed, The Congress leader was very much in contacts with Syed Fareed.
  2. Injaz International: No need to again post the same message above, just read the above again. it's the same story. Zameer Ahmed with Misbah celebrating his Birthday.
  3. Heera Gold: When the Ponzi was exposed, Nowhere started releasing videos and trying to convince in the name Islamic believe. She claims her company is genuine and puts the blame on Asaduddin Owaisi. whenever you question her she says Political Conspiracy.
  4.  IMA Gold: Now the History repeating here again same old style releasing SMS, Videos on youtube and posting messages back to back not to panic. Money is safe and because elections the profits are delayed. Moreover, Mr.Mansoor Khan has strong connections with Mr.Zameer Ahmed. Again this co-inside with Misbah & Fareed. 

 If you see all these activities, we can easily make out the Mr.Zameer Ahmed from Congress Party is equally responsible and accountable in all these Fraud Ponzi Companies. We all the Ponzi Victims to appeal to the current government to take strong action against the politician. 

File Photo of Dr.Nowhera Shaik (Ponzi Aapa) being taken into ED Custody for 7 Days.

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  1. Yes in almost all the fraud companies Mr. Zameer Ahmed khan is involved directly or indirectly. His name is also mentioned by Ambidant fraud Farid. He has received 20 crore kick back. He is involved directly in injaz enjoying with Misbha and Suhail Sharieff. He is the enemy of Muslim community


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