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IMA Gold witnesses the symptoms of Ponzi Company

Bengaluru: You might have read the news of Heera Gold, Nowhera Shaik is now in ED custody for 7 Days for running a Ponzi Company in the name of Halal Investment. All these while the Investors of IMA Gold were very happy and convinced that IMA is not a Ponzi and were imagining that IMA is the only company in India which is safe for Halal Investments. 

 A big surprise, The Investors of IMA now start witnessing that this company " I Monetary Advisory" also looks like a Ponzi Company. They claim that almost 90% of the Investors of IMA Gold are not receiving the Profits from the last 90 days. Few are expressing their anger that they sought withdrawal of there investments in March 2019 and till date have been getting messages of postponing the payments. One Investor in WhatsApp group says he received an SMS like the profit deposits are delayed due to elections in Karnataka and then soon after a few days they sent another SMS stating its taking time to deposit profits reason being elections. 

Not just the SMS but now even the management of IMA Gold have started releasing Videos appealing investors not to panic and support them. that payment will come by 25th May 2019. The first date was the first week of May 2019, Then it became 10th May 2019, then followed another date 15th May 2019 and now it's 25th May 2019. The kind of delays in profit deposits to the investors IMA clearly gives an indication of it being a Ponzi Company quite similar to that of Heera Gold.

Below is what Mr.Mansoor Khan reasoning on his Facebook Page: " Inna Allah ma as-sabireen (2:153)
إِنَّ اللّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ ٢:١٥٣

“Surely, Allah is with those who are As-Saabiroon (The Patient)”

Alhamdulillah sequentially profit payouts started from 10th of May and we are expecting it to finish in a couple of days with Almighty’s mercy.

It’s become impossible to transfer material from West Bengal DELHI and Mumbai to Bangalore due to strict checking in highways, railways and airports until and unless material does not reach Bangalore we will not be able to disperse payments here hope this answers your question. Please pray so this crisis is resolved soon. You have been with us in good times and we do expect you to be within tough times.

And after 25th all security checks will be removed and business will be back to normal InshaaAllah
Every issue will be back to normal after 25th of May after the election results as all checking and checkpoints will be removed and movement of stock and material will become normal as usual.

We are praying hard in this auspicious month of Ramazan and we do request you to pray for the welfare of IMA Group of Companies. Your support has been always appreciated and we are thankful to you for holding your trust firmly.

JazakAllahhu Khairan Kaseeran Kateeran Fiddunya Wal Akhira."

Now that almost 90% of the Investors of IMA have realized and witnessing it being an another Ponzi Scheme in the name of Halal Investment have now decided for a mass withdrawal of there investments to safeguard there hard earned money.  Upon interviewing with one of the IMA investors, He said that he fears to get his investment returns back as from his sources he came to know that IMA is short of funds and is going to shut any moment of time. 

Another source sends an Audio message recording of Mr.Narendra Kumar, Lanchamuktha. In the audio, Narendra spoke about IMA being investigated and the case is being handed over to CID soon.

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  1. Mr.Mansoor khan CEO of IMA is fraud, here is proof,( ), He paid Rs.10 crores and 1 kg of gold to silence janasri ceo when he started to expose his fraud, if he was so clean why did he pay such a huge sum to him?? he simply could have taken legal action against him as any legitimate company would do ,


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