Thursday, 16 May 2019

IMA Gold Ponzi or Not Ponzi, Final Warning to CEO "Mansoor Khan"

Bengaluru: As everyone from IMA Investors is aware that, I'm behind exposing the truth of IMA. Almost 90% of the IMA Investors are now convinced that IMA Gold is another Ponzi Company in the name of Islamic Investment. Around 10% Investors of IMA are requesting me personally to give time to the Management and CEO of IMA Mr.Mansoor Khan till 30th May 2019. So that the IMA Investors of IMA don't panic and IMA Management is given a chance to Release both the Profits as well as the requested Withdrawals as per the notice period of 45 Days. 

Considering the request to be genuine, I have set a few conditions to the Management of IMA & the CEO of the Company. 

The Conditions are as below:

  1. The Management of IMA Gold, Has agreed to clear all Profit dues to the Investors on or before 25th May 2019. 
  2. The Management of IMA Gold, Has agreed to clear all Withdrawal dues to the Investors on or Before 30th May 2019 subject to a notice period of 45 days is served. 
  3. The Management welcomes all new Withdrawal Requests without any conditions set other than that of 45 Days Notice and the agreed terms when the investment was made. 
  4. The Management agrees to Settle and clear all the Withdrawal Requests irrespective of Old or New subject to 45 Days Notice and the deadline for new Investors Withdrawal refund is met on or before 20th June 2019.
  5. Releases the Financial Statement in Public on or Before 10th of June 2019 so that all the Investors are convinced it's genuine and not Ponzi Scheme. 
  6. Clarify the stand on if IMA Group has met the new Guidelines of Govt of India Laws. Especially the Unregulated Deposit Ban imposed in the month of February 2019. 
  7. IMA Management to Submit the proof of Payment in open public and if requered the concerned Investors will physically verify it.  
If all the above seven points are met and convinced. Will ensure that I'll openly in public take back my statement about my clam of IMA Gold being a Ponzi Company.

Note: Just saying is not enough, The Proof of Balance Sheet and Payouts needs to be in open public. preferably on the official website of "I Monetary Advisory" 

Thanks in advance to all my blog followers for keeping trust on me. Allah Hafiz, Farhan Rasheed, Muslim Blogger, Bengaluru

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  1. Farhan Rasheed bhai , you have shown great courage by exposing IMA Thugs/criminals, sure allah will reward you for this, we are with you brother,

  2. Allah ka sukr hai aise halath me Farhan Bhai sab ke sath khadko hai uska Karam har hamesha ap par apki family par rhata aur kosish karko ghareeb ka paise dilao Bhai


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