Thursday, 2 May 2019

IMA Gold is Fraud, Another Ponzi Scheme in the name of Halal Investment, Why?

Bengaluru: We are hearing about a lot of Fraud Schemes being exposed and the truth running rounds on WhatsApp group. The cause of concern here is "Fraud in the name of Halal Investment", First company to be exposed was Ambidant Marketing, Then came the story of Nowhera Shaik CEO - Heera Gold followed by Injaz, Ajmera Group, Aala Ventures, Muzariba, Baraka, etc all are from South India and Now I'm going to expose IMAGold is Fraud and also a Ponzi Scheme like any other company so far exposed.

If you have deeply analyzed the common most think in all these fraud companies is "Investment in the name of Halal" only a few Rules & Regulations differed. Heera Gold, Ambidant and most them were registered as PVT Ltd company so as few IMA GOLD group of companies as well but the only difference with IMA GOLD is, it had registered its main entity as LLP.

In most of the Videos uploaded by Mr. Mohd Mansoor Khan had claimed and lured the innocent Muslims saying IMA GOLD is registered as LLP but does Mr.Mansoor know what is LLP full form at least. Let me explain. LLP means "Limited Liability Partnership" it's simply an Advanced version of a normal partnership firm but it's not equivalent nor superior to Pvt Ltd or a Limited Company. Yes LLP can have unlimited designated partners supported by the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) & DIN ( Director Identification Number) for each Designated Partner but the Investors who have invested with IMA GOLD haven't registered or had any DIN at least, that means they are not the Investment partners of the Company I Monetary Advisory, Technically they are just any other Customer of the Company only difference here in this case is they have been misled by claiming so and so and also linking to be a Halal Investment.

If IMA GOLD Investors are technically the Customers of I Monetary Advisory of Mr.Mohd Mansoor Khan, then how is he holding the Investments of these Customers or IMA Investors for more than 360 days. Yes, an LLP, Pvt Ltd or Limited Companies cannot hold any Customers Investment beyond 360 days as per the Companies Act 1956, 2008 (LLP Act), 2013 & 2016. Any Company or LLP wishes to hold the investment beyond 360 days then the Company either needs special permission from RBI or SEBI which is not there in case of IMA GOLD group of Companies. If the Management wants to sue me on this Article published by me, I'm ready to face the consequences but before that, I request the IMA Management to confirm this article claim with a Chartered Accounted (CA).

On the above summary and findings, I Farhan Rasheed, A Muslim Blogger and a Top Blogger in India Openly challenge CEO of IMA GOLD that his all schemes which are running in the name of Halal Investment are all Bogus, a Ponzi Scheme and I dare to prove that failing which I'm ready to face any legal Action.

Not to mention, Not only IMA GOLD, Heera GOLD, Ambidant, Injaz, Aala Ventures, Ajmera Group, Muzariba, Baraka, etc are involved in the scam. The Urdu News Paper " The Daily Salaar" is also involved indirectly by there greed for Advertisements. We need to Boycott this newspaper "Salaar Urdu News"

Now you the Investors of IMA Gold need to analyze Why IMA GOLD is Fraud and also can be termed as Ponzi Scheme?

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