Saturday, 4 May 2019

Digital Jamaat, An "All India Social Media Jamaat"

Media has been the most powerful medium to reach out to the right people to address the prime concerns of the people. However, there has been a significant paradigm shift concerning the meaning of media. Now, most of the traditional media houses are controlled by corporate and political monsters who steer the whole media content in their favor to get their work done. Hence the real issues or concerns are rarely highlighted due to this obstacle.

However, with the advent of social media, it has been the most significant power to voice out their opinions and concerns with the click of a button, this demands people of the Muslim community to have excellent know-how of the digital world and the power of social media to use it in their favor. According to one of the recent survey I had conducted on social media shows that only 15% of the Muslim community has digital literacy, which is an alarming issue.

Digital illiteracy is one of the primary reasons "Digital Jamat" is launched, a forum to help our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters become digital literates. As you know, the major news channels ignore most of the issues of the minority community due to the orders of the higher authority of the media houses. Hence there seems to be a lot of injustice happening to our community which is shadowed by the news channels and newspapers and the concerns are never addressed by the concerned officials.

All we need to do is, explore "Social Media". Social media is medium that you have a complete control and does not require any approval by any authorities. Everyone's media include Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more. You will not need anyone's consent to write and share your opinions.

With the help of "Digital Jamat," we are working towards educating the people of our community about the different mediums they can use to voice out their opinions without any obstacles. Digital Jamat will include online and offline workshop sessions led by our fellow volunteers to bring in digital awareness among the Muslim community.

We are looking out for the Digital heroes who would lead the revolution of change to help digitize our community. This engagement would require 1 - 2 hours a week out of your schedule towards delivering your expertise through a webinar, blogs articles, Whatsapp discussion. We are also planning to have a meet-up once in a month to know and grow each other along with guest speaker delivering a talk followed by doubt clearing sessions by Farhan Rasheed, Networking sessions with high tea. There is no Fee involved to join this group as this is Sadkh-E-Jaria.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please reach out the below details to join our team, or for any queries, you might have.

WhatsApp : 9823658527

Hello everyone, If you are on Telegram please join my telegram group : 

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