Saturday, 4 May 2019

Aala Venture's takes it's Investors for a Ride Again?

Bengaluru: The Ponzi Company, Aala Ventures which was operating since 2014 and had been running a Ponzi Scheme in the name of "Halal Investment" SImilar to Heera Gold, Ambidant, Injaz International etc.. had voluntarily communicated to settle and refund the Investment of all the Aala Ponzi victims through a YouTube video by 30th April 2019.

The surprise of Ala Ventures Directors & Promotors namely Nadim Ahmed, Najmul Hussain, Sayeed Pasha, Inamul Manikar Hassain has now burst again that today is 4th May 2019 and still they are yet to refund the Investment amount to the Aala Ponzi Victims. By this we can easily conclude that these investors of Aala Ventures were taken for a ride again to avoid legal complications. 

First of all The Investors of Aala Ventures to be blamed. Why did they not wait for Legal procedure jointly when they first heard its also another Ponzi scheme like Heera Gold or Ambidant. Again for there greed of return of the money they got trapped. earlier they were trapped by the name of Halal Investment and now in the name returning there money before Ramadan.

Ponzi is Ponzi and most importantly they cannot return the money when they actually don't have, its already gone to the old first-time investors as profit. people should realize this. Only a Legal option can help them recover the there invested amount, That too may not be full but a part of the money. Apart from Aala Ventures, even Injaz International had promised to pay the return of investment to all those Injaz Victims that too before Ramadan. Did Injaz paid back or refund back the investment, then the answer is no. they didn't refund and now the Ponzi Victims have to suffer for the whole Ramadan Month.

All the Ceo's or the MD's are just trying to kill the time and enjoy the money of Innocent muslim's who had invested money for there need. Now all are suffuring not only on account of Ramadan but also are unable to arrange the School Fee of there children which is due next month that is June 2019.
We all Muslim's can only do Dua's and try taking legal action no other option left.

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