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Some interesting facts about Gomti River

Some interesting facts about Gomti River

Presently Lucknow, ‘City of Nawabs’ known by different names such as ‘City of Tehzeeb’ or ‘Shiraz-e-hind’ or ‘Constantinople of East’ is a impeccable intermingling of cuisines, arts, cultures, exquisiteness and lineage. Beyond its historical architectural extravaganza and food connoisseur, Lucknow is also famous for River Gomti, which is an imperative reason behind the survival of ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’. Not only this, Gomti River is also considered as the ‘lifeline of Lucknow’ and nearby towns. A Lucknowi’s passion for the Gomti river is not new but as old as city itself. So here, I am going to introduce my reader’s with some unknown facts about Gomti River-

•    River Gomti originates from Gomat Taal and extends up to 900 kilometres through UP and meets the River Ganges in Varanasi district. 

•    Folks of Hindu mythology recognise River Gomti as the descendant of Sage Vashist and according to them, taking bath in the Gomti River on the 11th day of the Sanatana Dharma-Hindu calendar (also known as Ekadashi) can wash away their sins.

•    Right from origin till amalgamation with Ganga at Ghazipur, more than 10 big and small tributaries joins Gomti, such as Gaihaaee, Sukheta, Choha, Andhra Choha, Kathina, Sarayan, Sai River and several others.  

•    In Ghazipur, merger of Gomti and Ganga takes place; this union known as ‘Pavitra Sangam’. To ensure the sacredness of ‘Pavitra Sangam’, famous Markandey Mahadeo temple is also build here.

•    More than 15 prominent bigger and smaller towns were located on the banks of the Gomti River including Lucknow, Jaunpur, Sitapur, Lakhimpur Kheri as well as Sultanpur. From domestic discharge to industrial effluent, unfortunately, river Gomti also becomes a flowing dumping yard for these towns.

•    Since July 2008, Uttar Pradesh’s government continuously engage in cleaning Gomti under ‘Gomti Action Plan’. This plan also considered as country’s largest Sewage Treatment Plant with an estimated cost more than 200 crore.

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